GOBankingRates wants to enable women to control their finances. According to the latest statistics, women have $ 72 billion in private wealth, but fewer women than men consider themselves in “good” or “excellent” financial condition. Women invest less, they are more likely to be in debt, and women are still paid less than men. Our Financially Intelligent Woman column will look at the causes of these inequalities and provide solutions to change them. We believe that financial equality starts with financial literacy, so we give women tools, tips to help them control their money, and help them live richer lives.

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In today’s column, we talk to financial advisors and investment experts for their best advice on where women should invest their money. Although everyone has different goals and levels of risk, you may want to consider adding these stocks to your portfolio.

Choose from “dividend aristocrats”

“Many of my female clients value consistency and reliability, so I often create a portfolio using stocks from the Dividend Aristocrats list,” said Laurie Itkin, Portwise Capital’s portfolio financial advisor and portfolio manager. “These are stocks that have not only consistently paid dividends for at least 25 years, but have raised them every year. Back in 2007 և 2008, when the stock market collapsed, these companies still paid dividends every quarter. “When stock prices fall in the event of a market collapse or correction, if you collect quarterly dividends, you are paid to wait until stock prices rise.”

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Companies on this list include names like Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola և IBM.

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“Companies now generate annual yields of 2.4%, 3.1% և 4.9%, respectively,” Itkin said. “Despite their sexy sound, these are the types of companies that allow you to sleep at night. If you have a moderate և long-term horizon, you can use dividends to buy new shares each quarter or withdraw money as income. You will earn more than a high-yield savings account or short-term bond fund. ”

Best Buy (BBY)

If you are looking to invest in a women-led, eco-friendly business, Best Buy may be a good choice for your portfolio.

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“This company is led by CEO Corey Berry, who has been reporting on their environmental, social and management governance for over 15 years,” said Monica al-Alif, Pinnacle Associates’ lead, private client group. “It has ambitious goals to reduce their water use, emissions, waste and their customers’ consumption. It’s the largest e-waste recycling program, recycling more than 2 2 billion in electronics and technology since 2009. ”

Microsoft (MSFT)

“This software’s cloud computing giant has not only made great strides in gender equality, it has been carbon neutral since 2012 and is committed to carbon-negative water-positive by 2030,” al-Alif said. “He also works, provides additional funding to organizations working on carbon reduction, water management and circular economy innovations.”

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Nvidia (NVDA)

“The artificial intelligence cloud-semiconductor company has been integrating all the social-environmental principles and practices of our enterprise for years,” al-Alif said. “26 of the top 30 supercomputers are powered by NVDA processors. Advances in this technology mean a reduction in energy consumption. Since 2015, the company has involved a third-party company to analyze the 75-measure gender, racial-ethnicity payment practices, չեն no discrepancies were found. “They have also achieved equal pay over the last few years and plan to continue to do so.”

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Invest in women-led companies

In addition to Best Buy, there are several other companies run by women that are worth investing in.

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“When it comes to investing in the stock market, you can understand what the company is doing, its fundamentals, its leadership, its vision, at least,” said Irene Berner, co-founder of CFP Berner Financial Solutions and LPL Financial. connected firmly. “I like the following companies, because they have women in senior management positions, as well as solid foundations. “Cisco has six women and Gap has five women in the top 10.”

Select the ETF

If you do not feel comfortable choosing individual stocks, ETFs are a great alternative.

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“ETFs allow us to invest in stock portfolios, which provides a lower risk than individual stocks,” Berner said.

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Burner recommends the following ETFs: SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETF (SHE), Impact Shares YWCA Women Empwrmt ETF (WOMN) և Barclays Women in Leadership ETN ETF (WIL):

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