Quickly, can you name a well-known investor who earns billions of dollars every year from public trading companies? If you said Warren Buffett, you found a one-star stock selector at the top of the list.

Buffett և his investment Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.A)(NYSE: BRK.B) are huge on dividend stocks. So much so that the company will make such payments of only $ 4 billion this year.

In that spirit, here are two particularly attractive Buffett dividends that can drive a steady stream of regular income into your portfolio. Verizon Communications: (NYSE: VZ) and SHOP Capital: (NYSE: STOR).

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Until a few years ago, Buffett mostly avoided technology stocks. That changed with the arrival of Ted Washler և Todd Combs as investment manager at Berkshire Hathaway. Since then, two relatively young men have played a major role in Berkshire Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). Combs was probably the decision maker when buying a cloud storage and analytics service provider Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW).

It is possible that one or both of these companies are currently the driving force behind the company’s largest investment in telecommunications, Vorizon, which is also a reliable dividend payer.

Operating with a steady stream of hard cash, with its nearly 95 million wireless retailer, the company has a lot of speculation for high dividends.

Paying for one is a long-standing Verizon custom. It և’s corporate predecessors have provided allocations every quarter since the mid-1980s. Over the past 10 years, it has dropped from just $ 0.49 per share to its current level of almost $ 0.63. This puts the dividend profit at 4.5% over the last closing price of the shares.

Verizon, meanwhile, is determined to develop its 5G network, which, once fully expanded, will provide its customers with extremely fast internet connections. Yes, it is an expensive business, but with nearly $ 130 billion in revenue and $ 24 billion in free cash flow last year, the company has more than enough shareholders to enjoy a dividend.

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SHOP Capital:

Of the nearly 50 shares in the Berkshire Hathaway public equity portfolio, there is only one real estate investment trust (REIT) – STORE Capital.

The company focuses on the retail sector, which has been hit hard by the epidemic. But the damage was contained in REIT’s strategy to limit disclosure. None of its tenants invests more than 3% of the total rental income of the company.

That, plus the aggressive expansion plan that saw the company grow its portfolio of more than 2,700 properties in the United States, kept it on the growth path. Rental income growth was halted last year due to the epidemic, but still increased (compared to 2019% 3%).

If the indicators of the recently published second quarter of the company are any indicator, then better times are expected. Meanwhile, funds from STORE Capital Adjusted Transactions (AFFO, REITs Most Valuable Article) increased by 25% in one year.

For REITs, as they are required to pay almost all of their profits in the form of shareholder remuneration, a higher return equals a higher dividend. As STORE Capital continues to grow its business, so does its payoff. Since announcing its first dividend since the 2014 IPO, the REIT has risen from just $ 0.11 per share to the current $ 0.36. At the current price of shares, it gives a generous 4.1%.

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