Will tech stocks freeze this fall? After hard work over the past 18 months, there are some disturbing signs of this recent revenue season.


In particular, “FAANG shares” were underestimated. Facebook Inc. (citing FB) was sold despite strong earnings reporting, և Shares of Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) fell after a large earnings loss. Investors should not be blamed for reducing their impact on the technology sector after this stage of revenue. That said, not all is bad news. Beyond the tech titans, many software companies still have a good outlook for the last half of 2021.

Meanwhile, the tough revenue season has also created several buying opportunities for tech companies. Here are the top five tech stocks you can buy for August.

  • Unity Software Inc. (U)
  • Spotify technology (SPOT)
  • Intel Corp. (INTC)
  • Salesforce.com Inc. (CRM)
  • Roper Technologies Inc. (ROP)

Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Uck Uckerberg announced that his company was growing beyond social media. Now, Facebook will become a “metavers” company. This started a furore. Met uckerberg’s vision of the race is a pervasive virtual reality that encompasses all devices: locations. This will allow Facebook to replace Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone, which will become the dominant platform in the lives of consumers.

It is too early to guess whether Facebook will succeed in the end. Whether or not metaverse shares will now become a hot commodity, ity Unity is the clear winner, earning it one of the best tech stocks to buy this month. It offers 3D graphic engine for video games, e-commerce, filmmaking, architecture, etc. Unity-powered video games work seamlessly in virtual reality և it’s already Facebook’s leading partner in Oculus VR equipment. As Unity releases more VR software, it will have the first driving advantage in enhancing the uck uckerberg metad. Unity CEO John on Ricchtillo details the company’s meta-plans, and now the market is going to go down in history.

Shares of Spotify depreciated last week after reporting lower-than-expected earnings. The growth of the company’s users slowed down, և it reduced its outlook for the rest of the year. The end of the winds after the epidemic caused the results to lag behind for a number of tech content companies, including Netflix Inc. (NFLX), Pinterest Inc. (PINS) And now Spotify: However, this sale has created an opportunity to buy.

Shares of Spotify fell from $ 387 in February to $ 220. Meanwhile, Spotify’s long-term support for the music streaming industry has only intensified. Meanwhile, it continues to invest in other projects, such as podcasting և its advertising network, that will pay off over a longer period of time. Like Netflix in its early days, traders paid too much attention to the noise of Spotify’s quarterly results. This allows you to buy a sharp correction in the cash flow.

Shares of Intel have changed over the summer, and they are now trading at their lowest point since December. This is despite the fact that the company offers a bold product map that outlines the company’s technological path at least until 2025. It was a clear reminder that Intel spends about $ 14 billion a year on research և development և not only will AMD Inc. . (AMD) և Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) continues to steal its thunder.

For comparison, over the past 12 months, AMD and Nvidia have spent $ 2.3 billion և 4.3 billion on G&D, respectively. Intel has had its slips in recent years, to be honest. And the lack of semiconductor chips didn’t help either. However, with 12 times less revenue, Intel’s price is more than compensated for its wrongdoings. Meanwhile, other company projects, such as the Mobileye autonomous engine unit, offer Intel the potential to surprise people. Intel’s value and new vision make it one of the best tech stocks to buy in August.

Shares of Salesforce are ready to rise. Shares have fallen since September 2020. This is because Salesforce was in the process of acquiring Slack at work. This put a lot of pressure on Salesforce shares, as arbitrators cut CRM shares before the merger. In addition, some analysts are concerned that Salesforce may overpay for Slack.

No matter what, the merger just ended in July, և Salesforce can look forward to it again.

This is a good time for the company as the global economy heats up rapidly. This, in turn, will mean that sales and marketing activities must also accelerate. Salesforce needs to have a head start on the core business as it begins to integrate with Slack in its wider enterprise cloud business. After nearly a year of disappearing, Salesforce shares are ready to participate in a wider technology rally.

Roper Technologies is a diversified conglomerate with a wide range of software: industrial enterprises. It started as an industrial company, but the management deeply realized that years ago it had to focus on mastering the technology that empowers industrial companies, and now it can rightly be called a technology fund. To this end, Roper has built a software business that includes power plant management, plant automation, insurance, 3D graphics, supply chain, healthcare IT, and more.

Each business operates as an independent subsidiary, with Roper deciding where to invest more capital and optimize items from its office. Roper has had considerable success. Its shares have grown by 500% in the last 10 years. However, it trades at 32 times the projected reasonable revenue, despite accumulating double-digit annual revenue over the past decade. Because Roper is still on display, it looks like it’s a clogged industrial company, and many tech investors have missed out on this software development conglomerate.