Gaining some recurring income is a great way to boost your finances և make money less dependent on your daily work. And investing in dividend stocks is one way to achieve that. While many of them do not pay on a monthly basis, this does not mean that you can not raise money from different investments every month.

Below I will show you how to invest about $ 72,036 in three stocks. Gilead (NASDAQ: GILD), Altria (NYSE: MO), և: Verizon Communications: (NYSE: VZ) – can get you $ 300 a month in dividends.

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1. Gilead Sciences – $ 28,571

Healthcare company Gilead Sciences currently pays a 4.2% yield. A $ 28,571 investment for this stock will give you $ 300 each March, June, September և December, which is the current payment schedule. And your payouts are likely to increase over time as Gilead raises its dividends in recent years, up 4.4% from $ 0.68 to $ 0.71 earlier this year.

Gilead may have disappointed investors over the past year as its COVID-19 treatment, remedisivir, which many thought could be a silver bullet to track down the virus, failed to make a fuss. The World Health Organization even advised against: drug use. However, it continues to be used և helped boost the company’s sales in the first three months of 2021. Revenue rose 16% year-on-year to $ 6.4 billion. Gilead expects its EPS to be around $ 4.75 և և $ 5.45 this year. Even at a low level of that forecast, it will make the company’s payout ratio only 60%, which is very stable. In both 2019 and 2018, the years when the epidemic did not affect the epidemic, the company’s EPS comfortably exceeded $ 4.

Investors should not worry too much about dividends if remedisivir becomes a non-factor. Payments look safe, և shares can be a solid buy for income investors.

2. Altria – $ 16,438

List grass giant Altria currently pays the highest yield on this list – 7.3%. To earn $ 300 per share per quarter, you only need to invest $ 16,438. The current quarterly payment of the company is $ 0.86, և “Dividend Aristocrat” has increased its payments by 54% in the last five years. 2016 He initially paid $ 0.56. Altria usually pays dividends every January, April, July: October.

Sales for the period ended March 31 totaled more than $ 6 billion, down 5% year-on-year. However, the company’s operating profit increased by more than 15% due to gross margin improvements. If it were not for the $ 161 million in total investment losses, its pre-tax profit would have been almost identical to a year earlier (instead, they have fallen). By 8%).

Altria expects its adjusted diluted EPS to grow from 3% to 6% in 2021, falling between $ 4.49 and $ 4.62. Under this guideline, the company’s payout ratio will be about 77%. Although it is slightly higher than Gilead, it should not necessarily be a major concern for investors. Altria remains one of the better-performing stocks you can buy today, one that can generate significant dividend returns in the long run.

3. Verizon – $ 27,027

Large telecommunications stocks are great places to invest your money if you want some dividend income. Because they meet the needs of millions of consumers, that translates into a lot of recurring revenue for businesses and long-term sustainability for their investors. Verizon is no exception. Against the backdrop of last year’s epidemic, the company’s net profit of $ 17.8 billion fell 8 percent year on year, but it was still better than the $ 15.5 billion in 2018.

By 2021, the company expects its adjusted EPS to be at least $ 5, which is almost double the $ 2.51 that investors can expect from an annual dividend. Of course, there is room for an increase in payments, և the company increased them by 2% last year, from $ 0.6150 to $ 0.6275. Verizon makes payments every February, May, August and November. At 4.4% Yield, you will need to invest a little over $ 27,027 in stock to expect to raise $ 300 in each range.

Verizon is making a strong start to 2021, with net income of $ 5.4 billion for the first quarter growing by more than 25% year-on-year. It has benefited from positive sales growth in all its major sectors, including the consumer, where sales have grown by around 5%. The company seems to be in great shape և could be one of the winners in the US economy, opening up և returning to normal in many areas.

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