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  • Chase You Invest offers DIY trading, managed accounts և bonuses for current Chase Bank customers.
  • Chase You Invest provides stock, ETFs, options, mutual funds trading at no commission.
  • The broker has a robot consultant, You Invest Portfolios, who invests your money for you.
  • Click here to open an account at Chase You Invest.

Is Chase You Invest right for you?

If you are looking for cheap investment options, do not neglect Chase You Invest. The broker acts as an investment division of JP Morgan Securities, LLC and offers several low-cost investment options for both active and passive investors.

Chase You Invest is suitable for existing Chase Bank customers who are interested in trying their luck at the stock exchange. This does not mean that you have to have a Chase bank account to register. You Invest simply makes it easy to connect all your Chase accounts in one place.

And at a low cost, Chase allows unlimited trading without stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds.

The platform now offers two accounts: Chase You Invest Trade and Chase You Invest. Chase You Invest Trade is a brokerage account, and Chase You Invest Portfolios is an automated investment management account. This means that you will have to choose between trading on your own or using a robot consultant.

Both accounts support retirement plans such as the traditional IRA և Roth IRA, but You Invest Portfolios offers a portfolio building feature that helps you find investments that work best for your risk tolerance ությունների short-term or long-term savings with goals. You will need at least $ 2,500 for this feature.

Chase’s mobile app also lets you take your investments with you wherever you go. For existing Chase customers, the You Invest app connects to the Chase mobile app. This means that you will be able to access both your investment and bank accounts under one umbrella.

However, it should be noted that Chase is limited in its investment research offerings and trading tools. The company offers JP Morgan’s equity research գործիք portfolio building tool, but not much else. This can be a downside for more advanced investors who want to access additional trading tools ում investment ideas.

Another disadvantage is that You Invest does not offer specialized accounts, such as education savings plans և trust accounts. However, its parent company, JP Morgan, offers savings accounts for education, including 529 college savings plans, custodial accounts, coverdell education savings accounts (ESA), and financial aid packages.

Also, if you are looking for more personalized financial advice from a human specialist, you can sign up for JP Morgan Advisors.

Pros and Cons of Chase You Invest

How does Chase You Invest compare to other investment platforms?

Ways to Invest with Chase You Invest

Independent brokerage accounts

Chase You Invest Trade allows you to trade without paying commissions on stocks, ETFs, options և mutual funds. You can start with minimum investment requirements և you will be able to trade with general investment accounts, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs.

You can only pay for sample contracts և secondary corporate bonds, city bonds և mediated CDs. Chase charges $ 0.65 per sample contract, while bonds and CDs cost $ 10 per trade, an additional $ 1 for every 10 bonds.

Automatic investment management

You can also sign up for Chase You Invest portfolios if you want your portfolio to be managed by professionals. This account is great for those who love robot consulting, but it also offers a unique feature – a team of investment professionals.

Chase says it uses both automated investment technology and human resources to grow your portfolio. That way, you do not have to worry about trading or balancing your portfolio on your own, as with your own account.

Just be prepared to pay a little more for Chase You Invest portfolios. You will need at least $ 500 to get started և You will have to pay an annual consulting fee of 0.35%.

The platform mainly uses four portfolios: conservative, moderate, increasingly aggressive. Each portfolio uses a different mix of JP Morgan ETFs.

Pension accounts

Both You Invest Trade and You Invest portfolios offer investment options for traditional IRA և Roth IRAs. You can open a pension account through You Invest Trade without any minimum requirement. But you will need at least $ 500 to create an automated traditional or Roth IRA with your portfolios.

Also, it should be noted that Chase You Invest does not offer IRA launches, SEP IRA և Simple IRA. If you are looking for one of these accounts, you should consider other brokers.

Is Chase You Invest trustworthy?

JP Morgan Chase & Co. currently has an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau. As the BBB rates companies using the A + to F range, this implies that Chase You Invest demonstrates a reliable business practice and works well with its clients.

While the ratings are not the same for every company, the BBB says it evaluates all companies by reviewing licensing information, advertising, government actions, and more. According to the BBB, JP Morgan Chase has closed 1,270 complaints in the last 12 months.

Chase You Invest has not filed any major lawsuits. But in 2020, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission forced its parent company, JP Morgan Chase, to pay a $ 920 million fine to address market speculation.

What is Chase You Invest?

JP Morgan Chase & Co. is a global financial services company with more than $ 2.6 trillion in assets under management. You Invest is a subsidiary of JP Morgan Securities LLC, a registered investment consultant and brokerage dealer.

Chase You Invest specializes in:

online broker
և Investment management services. The company offers options for active investors և entrepreneur traders, և, unfortunately, it is best known for its large collection of investments free of commissions.

The brokerage agency was established in 2018 by JP Morgan. You Invest offers two main accounts: You Invest Trade և You Invest Portfolios. You Invest Trade acts as an online broker, և You Invest Portfolios provides managed investment consulting services.

Today, Chase offers more than 4,300 branches with և 16,000 ATMs in the United States.

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