Provider of cloud-based cyber security solutions CrowdStrike (NASDAQ 🙂 Shares fell to a low in 2021 after the third quarter of 2021. The cybersecurity company uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI), which becomes smarter as it consumes more data.

This shows its evolution, from a trillion signals years ago to a trillion signals a day. The company is a pure cloud cyber security company. His cost-effective services have made him the leader of Gartner’s End Point Protection platform in 2021. The company continues to grow at a double-digit rate է provides a rare opportunistic regression for sensible investors who want to recognize it as a leading cyber security player.

Revenue release for the quarter of 2021

On December 1, 2021, CrowdStrike released its third quarter earnings report for the quarter ending October 2021. The company recorded earnings per share (EPS) of $ 0.17, without recurring items, against analysts’ estimates of $ 0.10. exceeding $ 0.07. Revenue rose 63.5% year-on-year to $ 380.1 million, beating analysts’ estimates of $ 364.19 million. Annual Revenue (ARR) increased by 67% year-on-year to $ 1.51 billion. The gross margin for GAAP subscriptions was 76% and the gross margin for non-GAAP subscriptions was 79%. CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz commented:

“CrowdStrike provided a strong third quarter with large business capacity in many areas, accelerating the growth of the new ARR, ending ARR growth of 67% year-on-year, exceeding the $ 1.5 billion mark. Our outstanding results of this quarter show: The flying wheel effect of our platform reflects the continued strong customer acceptance of our core product, in addition to the growing success of our new product initiatives, including identity protection, log management, and cloud. “With our state-of-the-art technology, our unparalleled platform, our approach to ending violations, we will continue to darken our competitors, expand our lead.”

Return guide:

The company has released a uptrend for fiscal year 2022 EPS from $ 0.57 to $ 0.59 against consensus analyst estimates of $ 0.47. CrowdStrike expects revenue for the full year 2022 from $ 1.427 billion to $ 1.433 billion, according to analysts’ estimates of $ 1.4 billion.

Conference Call Takeaways:

Executive director Ramakrishna defined.

“Our quarter-on-quarter results demonstrate that the transformational differentiation built into the Falcon platform continues its technological dominance over both hereditary and next-generation vendors, delivering strong results in the industry. On the cloud, our footprint continues to grow even faster than the total growth of our server endpoint, and more than 25% of the servers we now protect in the public cloud. CrowdStrike has redefined its cloud security approach. With Falcon Horizon, we sell ենք enable DevOps teams to improve decision-making և innovate faster. Falcon Horizon is an agent-free API that allows customers to scan configurations and workloads across multiple cloud environments. Falcon Horizon provides continuous surveillance aircraft threat detection, machine training, attack detection, as well as targeted recovery for all cloud accounts, services, and users in the cloud. During the quarter, we expanded Falcon Horizon to support Google Cloud environments that now support the three largest clouds. We have deepened our partnership with AWS with new features that work hand in hand with AWS services to better protect customers from growing ransomware threats and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. Moving to a partner front. As our market leadership grows, our partners grow and deepen with major brand integrators, VARs, and MSSPs, generating revenue streams for their businesses with Falcon. The third quarter was a turning point for our MSSP ecosystem as our MSSP business grew by more than 30% year-on-year in the triple digits. We have also expanded our relationship with Google by joining their Job Security program, which is designed to protect organizations, including small businesses, enterprises, and public sector institutions from modern-day cyber-attacks. Just as we ushered the industry into a new era when we launched EDR և pushed the Zero Trust to the end with deep visibility, we pushed the industry անգամ once again, redefining security by focusing on enterprise risk ամենամեծ the greatest contact on the source. “

He concluded.

“Referring to Humio. The third quarter was a record quarter, և we see a growing momentum in log management that has exceeded our expectations. In addition to the seven-digit new customer base with the financial services company DevOps team, we mentioned in our last call that Humio won the third quarter by incorporating the Fortune 150 food brand into Europe’s leading cloud-based e-commerce platform. ime Mimecast, a leading cloud-based email management և security և CrowdStrike technology partner. We see the strong use of our recently announced Humio Community Edition, which gives users 16 gigabytes of streaming data per day with seven days of free storage. In less than six weeks after our launch, we have reached 100% of our six-month customer registration goal. Humio’s log management platform is unmatched in speed, performance, or storage capacity. Humio Community Edition offers customers unprecedented access to the best log management in the class that they will not find anywhere else. “We expect this program to be a powerful way to build leadership as customers feel the power of Humio.”

CrowdStrike Stock Chart:

CRWD price trajectories

The use of gun charts on a weekly և daily basis allows for a more accurate short-term view of the CRWD stock price range. The weekly gun list reached $ 297.80 Fibonacci level before collapsing to $ 185.71 before collapsing.

The weekly gun chart has a downward trend in the 5-day moving average (MA) at $ 208.98, followed by the 15th-round MA at $ 247.85. Weekly Low Bollinger® Bands (BBs) $ 176.66. The weekly stochastic fell by 20. weekly Low Market Structure (MSL) Buy triggers for $ 212.29. The up-to-date rifle chart has a 5-day MA increase of $ 208.16 and the top BB with $ 231.13 as the daily stochastic continues its mini-pup to 80 zones.

Reasonable investors can follow the opportunistic reversal levels at $ 199.23 fib, $ 194.87 fib, $ 190.58 fib, $ 181.92, $ 173.21 fib, $ 162.26 fib և $ 153.90 fib. The uptrend ranges from $ 235.44 to $ 272.58.

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