While Robinhood users have a reputation for supporting growth risk stocks, companies with short clicks, including: GameStop: and AMC Entertainment, investors in the platform actually have quite a variety of stocks. Some of these companies are likely to continue to dominate the market, and the growing influence of other individual investors over the millennia means that it is worth controlling what happens in the commission-free trading platform.

We asked three Motley Fool participants to identify a stock that is widely held by Robinhood users and now seems like a great buy. Keep reading to see why they think these popular stocks have the potential to be big winners for your portfolio.

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In Inga:

Kate Nunan. Leaving aside the video game retailer GameStop, In Inga: (NASDAQ: ZNGA) is the most popular gaming fund among Robinhood investors. The publisher is not as big as: Activision Blizzard: or: Electronic arts, but I think the traders on the platform are right when they say that stocks stand out as one of the most attractive investment opportunities in the video game space.

While Zynga typically does not make games for PCs or console platforms, it is actually the highest-earning mobile publisher in the United States. The company has achieved this status by maintaining a long-term franchisee with regular content updates, acquiring new properties, and developers. This is a successful formula that Zynga should be able to continue to use և The game developer is likely to be able to continue to capitalize on the industry’s long-term industrial tailings.

Interactive entertainment has never been so popular, և it is a safe bet that games will continue for the next decade և to occupy a growing share of the overall media market after that. The rise of the global middle class և The rise of high quality mobile devices և Internet access should be the main catalyst for the best publishers, Zynga seems to be winning. Potentially revolutionary technologies, including 5G, augmented reality, can also open up a wide range of new opportunities that drive performance.

The gaming industry is growing faster, և Zynga has many opportunities to use that momentum ապահով to provide impressive returns for shareholders.


Jam enam Carnet. At first sight, AT&T:to: (NYSE: T) Being on Robinhood’s top 50 list seems like a no-brainer. After all, why would these young YOLO traders invest in what is widely regarded as a “widow” stock? However, kids are busy with something because AT&T is just too cheap to ignore at current prices.

First, the bad. AT&T shares were significantly underperforming the stock market. Over the past five years, the shares have provided a total return, including reinvested dividends of only 8%, in contrast to the larger S&P 500: which returned 125%. Part of this is based on the major acquisitions (resulting debt) undertaken by former CEO Randall Stephenson, in particular the catastrophic acquisition of DIRECTV.

However, another achievement could be AT & T’s growth catalyst. The acquisition of TimeWarner 2018 included HBO. After a slow start, HBO Max began stealing market share in the streaming area. In addition, HBO Max adds to AT & T’s core wireless offering as it is free for the company’s more expensive unlimited data plans.

There is an opportunity to manage AT&T. HBO Max currently operates as a loss-making leader for these wireless subscribers. However, there is an additional revenue drive as HBO Max launches its ad-supported version in June. Moving wireless subscribers to the ad-supported version seems like a no-brainer, which even a freshman MBA student would recommend.

Will this be the initial huge driving force for growth? Probably not, but it does show that AT&T has selectivity, ignoring the market. Moreover, the shares do not need massive growth, as it is sold 1.3 times for sale և 10 times for prepayments against the larger S&P 500, which is estimated at 3 և 24 times, respectively. Simply put, AT&T is relatively cost-effective Armageddon ցանկացած Any form of growth improvement should be well received in the market.

After all, with very stable dividend yields approaching 7%, the stock does not necessarily have to have a significant price gain, matching the long-term stock market yield of 9%. Despite their reckless reputation, the kids (in Robinhood) seem to be fine with AT&T as a top-50 holding company.


E o Tenebruso: 5G is now one of the hottest trends in the stock market պատճառով for good reason. Those who invest wisely in the fifth generation of wireless technology that is changing this game will get rich.

One of the safest ways to invest in 5G is to buy Robinhood favorite shares Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). The tech titanium is in the 5G upgrade of the iPhone, which leads to a huge increase in sales and profits.

Better yet, Apple benefits from several other key trends, including the growth of remote work during a coronavirus pandemic. Coupled with the excellent performance of in-house computer chips, these trends are driving demand for Apple’s iPads and Macs. At the same time, the strong sales of devices turbo fuel the high revenue of Apple services, as its massive customer base buys more applications, subscribes to its ever-increasing offers.

Overall, Apple’s revenue grew 54% year-on-year to $ 89.6 billion. Its net income, in turn, more than doubled to $ 23.6 billion, or $ 1.40 per share. Apple also increased its quarterly cash dividends by 7% to $ 0.22 per share and increased its huge share repurchase program by $ 90 billion.

Due to the growth of 5G, due to the growth of its sales and profits, Apple shareholders can expect to be rewarded with higher capital gains in the coming years.

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