Elon Musk is not known for allowing opinions to linger. Instead, he seems to enjoy playing with stock prices ((not to mention cryptocurrencies), just as others enjoy cleaning the label on a beer bottle.

For many investors, many of whom were inspired by the Corona Effect (where boredom, managed revenue, trading attachments, and blocking led many inexperienced investors to enter the stock market with a slightly greater appetite for risk than the previous demographic) – Elon’s wealth The ability to add (or carry) stocks or cryptocurrencies is a lucrative business at best and a fun game at worst.

But there is a dark side. Musk tweets can cost you a lot of money if you take them as a gospel և put all your eggs in one basket (or if the company where you invested happens to be on the wrong side of one of them). . And if the Tesla founder’s comments about Bitcoin earlier this year weren’t enough of a warning, the latest wave of his tweets is clearer than ever, why you should always have a diverse portfolio – make careless decisions based on group thinking or noise on (as this writer learned: the hard way).

To his credit, Musk has told people that Tesla has been overestimated in the past (although he may be trying to build a reputation for honesty while gently tarnishing his company, as he has said he still thinks 5 years then it was worth more, even though he was overrated at the time of that comment). In his latest tweet, however, Tesla shareholders were shocked by their shoes.

His tweet.

“A lot has been done lately about the fact that unrealized profits are a way to avoid taxes, so I offer to sell 10% of my Tesla shares.” Then he asked the followers: “Do you support that?” At the time of writing, 57.9% of respondents (out of 3,519,252 votes) answered “Yes”. 42.1% answered no. In another tweet, Musk added: “Attention, I do not take cash salaries or bonuses from anywhere. I only have shares, so the only way to pay taxes personally is to sell shares. ” Jordon Hodges, an American actor, screenwriter-producer, best known for his role as Noah Dali in the 2014 drama “Sand Castles”, commented on Muskie’s tweet: “She is planning something different here. It may take us a minute to see it. Elon is a ninja. He is never 2D. ”

YouTube investment channel host Dave Lee T TSLA investor Dave Lee since 2012 commented: Hey Elon, there are many sites out there that offer paid Twitter quote votes at a cheap price (just google “buy twitter query votes”). This poll can easily be manipulated by those who have great financial incentives. ” Another Twitter user accused Musk of being a coward. “It is cowardice to distract your followers from this decision. Take some responsibility for yourself. You can help so many people by paying your fair share of taxes, no debate իհարկե of course no questions asked. Just be a responsible citizen և pay your taxes. ”

“This Twitter poll determines the fate of Tesla’s $ 20,000,000,000 + shares,” wrote Mr Beast, a verified Twitter user.

The tweet also highlighted the distrust of very wealthy (if not wealthy) Americans about how the government spends state money, with various Twitter users (including prominent capitalist Peter Schiff) suggesting that Elon would be better private. to help the world.

Schiff wrote: In terms of “diversification” evaluation, sales are very meaningful. The fact that you have to pay income taxes, however, is not just for the benefit of society. It will serve the public better if you invest that money wisely, rather than the government squandering it. ”

Many other Twitter users lamented the Tweet for fear of falling stock prices on Monday. Twitter user Cory Wijnhamer wrote: “You know the Tesla stock is going to be depleted on Monday because of that, putting an end to the horrific stock market crash of last month. Such posts take money out of the pockets of the people who trusted you and your company the most. ” Some users have said that they think Musk has no choice but to start selling. One wrote: “If you did your research. He must sell his shares in order to pay taxes on his share options, which are overdue. His tax bill will be huge, it must be done by the end of December. He literally has no alternative. ”

Shares of Tesla fell 7.82% today at the time of writing, but are still higher than five days ago.

Many are now eagerly awaiting what will happen to the price of Tesla shares in the coming days. What will happen if he sells the shares remains unknown, but many fear it could lower the stock price (how long or to what extent, exactly, remains unclear).

Not everyone believes that selling Muskie shares will be catastrophic. According to: Reuters:Tesla bull Gary Black, portfolio manager at The Future Fund, said the potential sale of Musk shares would lead to “modest selling pressure for 1-2 days,” but said there would be a strong institutional requirement to buy the shares at a discount. »:

Although he’s a Tesla bull, so he would say that.

According to Reuters, “As of June 30, Musk shares in Tesla reached about 170.5 million shares, and the sale of 10% will amount to about $ 21 billion, based on the closing on Friday, according to Reuters. calculations. “

This is not the first time Musk has come up with the idea of ​​losing dollars. He tweeted last week that he would sell $ 6 billion ($ 8 billion) of Tesla shares to donate to the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) if the organization were more transparent about how it spent its money.

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