First generation investors

Ohio Wesleyan student received a DEI grant from the Financial Education Support Program

By Cole Hatcher

Reese Little ’22

DELAVER, Ohio Reese Little, a student at Ohio Wesleyan University, is the first recipient of the University-funded Diversity, Equality-Inclusion (DEI) Grant. The grant program was launched this spring to support projects that promote OWU University as an anti-racism space.

Little, from Hills Jr., New Jersey, will use his DEI grant to support the initiative he led in the fall semester when he set up the First Generation Investor Camp. Nonprofit 501 (c) 3 learns the power of investing in high school students in disadvantaged communities by providing them with real money to invest.

“It is an honor to be the first recipient of a DEI grant,” said Little, of Marketing Management with a focus on marketing. “About 30% of black Americans have retirement accounts, compared with 60% of white Americans. Moreover, 83% of the money in the stock market belongs to the richest 10% of Americans. First-generation investors were created to help bridge the wealth gap and educate disadvantaged communities about their investment capabilities.

“This project is so important to me because I’re literally changing the lives of these high school students,” said Little, who pursues both juvenile accounting and women’s gender studies. “Finances / investments are never taught in general education; I think it is a very powerful life skill that will benefit not only these children, but also their friends and family.”

Ohio Wesleyan’s First Generation Group of Investors is currently meeting almost virtually, including high school students և OWU students and educators. (Image by Reese Little)

First Generation Investors is an eight-week program that, from the third week onwards, provides participants with $ 15 per week to invest in the stock market. They get $ 25 in the last week, which gives them $ 100 in total investment.

Little did he say that the Ohio Wesleyan Branch currently has five OWU student-educators serving 10 high school students from across the country. “Nine of those participants are students of color and six are girls.”

When the program moves to online meetings rather than online, Little said he expects more and more local students to attend.

“I believe that there are many underrated students in this community who will benefit greatly from knowing why, how and when to invest in the stock market,” he said.

One of the local students involved in the first generation of investors is Trinity Harris, a junior at Hayes High School in Delaware.

“I had a great time learning about the stock market, helping me prepare for investing myself,” he said. “When you have a large group of people helping you learn, it’s a lot of fun. … Buy a stock, you are part of that company, how wonderful it is. ”

Also featured is Anthony Aquinas, a sophomore at Constitution High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“I liked the FGI program because it provided me with useful financial knowledge that I would not have learned in school,” said Akinemi. “Buying stocks has always seemed risky to me, but this program taught me how to minimize those risks.”

After all, Little said, the program seeks to increase the number of “first-generation investors”, to teach underprivileged young people about the long-term savings “stock market” and to show them how to participate in the investment economy. The main goal is “to help close the wealth gap by enabling large numbers of people to benefit from market revenues.”

The first semester of OWU programming was funded by the founding chapter of the University of Pennsylvania First Generation Investors. The program was created by three students there in 2018.

Receiving an OWU DEI grant will enable Little to expand its branch office to accommodate up to 25 high school students in the fall. He is looking to add more OWU student-teachers as Vice President of Marketing. After graduating, Little hopes to work as a wealth management specialist in New York.

Ohio Wesleyan continues to accept student DEI grant proposals this semester, and the application review process is overseen by the University Diversity, Equality և Inclusion Board. Student grants can be up to $ 1,500 each.

“Ohio Wesleyan DEI Grants enable all members of the University to think and act on the University’s climate improvement ideas,” said Down Chisseb,, Ohio Wesleyan’s Director of Temporary Diversity, և Chairman of the DEI Board. “Everyone is excited about the potential of grants to help us continue to advance the university and the environment it provides.”

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