Halloween is over, this is a new month for the world’s most watched media company. Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) has a lot of moving parts և is busy every month for Mouse House.

There is never a dull moment when it comes to Disney. This new month brings us a revenue stream, but it also has some theatrical and potential theme park debuts to follow. Let’s look at some November dates that investors will want to see.

Image source: Walt Disney.

November 5

Disney’s next film, which will appear on the silver screen, should be one of the biggest box office winners of 2021. Marvel’s Eternals in theaters this weekend. The film, which tells the story of alien superheroes trying to save the Earth from destruction, has received mixed reactions. Only 60% of early film critics recommend the film, but it is a Marvel release with a star cast. It is going to gather in the audience.

The release time of the film is great. The cases of COVID-19 are starting to recede, making people more comfortable going out to the local multiplex. The three highest-grossing films in the country are Marvel’s 2021 films Eternals will benefit from a recently revised release strategy. Eternals It will play exclusively in cinemas for 45 days, so people can not legally broadcast it from home.

November 10

This is revenue season, պետք Disney is set to hit the Wall Street dance floor next week. Disney’s financial update for its fourth fiscal quarter և, for the entire fiscal year 2021, will take place shortly after the market closes on Wednesday of the following week.

Analysts estimate that Disney had revenue of $ 16.27 billion in the fourth quarter, up 10 percent from $ 14.71 billion a year earlier. With many Disney businesses now in better shape than they were a year ago, 10% annual growth may seem conservative. Wall Street traders earn $ 0.44 a quarter on earnings per share to make up for last year’s deficit.

Not only the results of the top: bottom line will dictate the market response to the report. Everything from theme park bookings to Disney + subscriber trends will dictate that media stocks will move next week.

November 24

Eternals This is not the only possible blockbuster that Disney’s iconic studio is releasing this month. Encanto in cinemas on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The full-length animated film depicts the beleaguered Colombian mountain town in crisis.

Lynn-Manuel Miranda continues his partnership with Disney Encanto. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing Frozen In 2013 և: Frozen II In 2019. Here, a hit movie can turn into a great commercial opportunity – to the holidays, և beyond, future videos, theme park connections և more.

November 30

Disney raises the bar when it comes to monetizing theme park visitors. The arrival of Genie, Genie + և Lightning Lane + on Disney World on October 19 adds premium access to accelerated queues. It is expected to follow at Disneyland California this fall.

The Genie + program, where guests pay $ 15 for an add-on to keep the rebranded Lightning Lanes for an hour in return, was controversial at Disney World when it launched two weeks ago. However, it would seem vague to the MaxPass program, which was popular in the West Coast resort. Lightning Lane + is an additional premium offer for quick access to the park’s most sought-after attractions.

We do not know when Genie, Genie + և Lightning Lane + will be available this fall. November 30 is just the tip of the iceberg as Disney is due to release some news at some point later this month.

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