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Whether video game stocks saw a huge influx of investment due to the COVID-19 epidemic և stay-at-home orders, few could have predicted the GameStop (NYSE: GME) growth momentum. Shares of GameStop rose more than 680% in January alone after a scuffle between short sellers and users on Reddit’s infamous wallstreetbets forum. Tesla CEO Elon Musk even noticed the incredible act by tweeting “Gamestonk !!”. կապ reconnecting WallStreetBets with its 4.2 million followers.

Are you thinking of investing in a GME? Our Beginner’s Guide will help you get started, open a brokerage account, place your first purchase order today.

How to buy GameStop (GME) stock

If you’ve ever invested in the stock market, you already know the basic steps you can take when buying a GameStop stock. Here’s how to put one together for the first time.

  1. Choose a brokerage service

    Whether you are buying GameStop shares for long-term holdings or looking for shares under $ 20 for trading, the first step in investing in any company is opening an account with a broker. A broker is a financial services company that buys or sells shares on your behalf, sometimes for an annual fee or commission. There are dozens of brokers offering trading platforms և online accounts, յուրաքանչյուր every broker in the United States will allow you to buy և sell GameStop shares, as GME is currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

    Some factors you may want to consider when choosing a broker include:

    Fees are any fees charged by the broker on each trade or annual basis
    The broker offers the types of research offers
    Broker platform (is it aimed at beginners or does it offer a number of drawing tools for more advanced users)?
    External Markets աները Cryptocurrency Markets if you are looking for this accessibility
    Types of orders supported by the broker

    Don’t know where to start your search? Below are some of the best brokers for beginners.

  2. Decide how many shares you want

    Once you’ve opened your brokerage account եք financed, decide how many shares of GME you want to buy. Start by looking at the current market price of GME ը the amount of money you want to invest. Suppose you invest today at a market price. Remember, your investment can drop in value at any time, so you should never invest more than you can lose. You may want to look back և to control the changing price of GME a few days before investing to make sure you are buying at the most favorable time.

  3. Choose the type of your order

    The type of order you choose will tell your broker when you want your order to be processed, the price you want to pay for each share of stock, and so on. Choosing the right order gives you more control over its execution. Here are some common phrases that you may come across when placing your order.
    The bid price refers to the highest price that the buyer is willing to pay for one share of any stock. Either the bid is not an order type, but knowing the bid price եղանակ how to change it can help ensure that you do not overpay for your shares.
    The query price is the lowest price a trader is willing to accept for one share of any stock he owns. Both the bid and the query price are not an order of magnitude, but both bid and query control can help you decide when to buy.
    Distribution is the difference between the bid price and the required price. Shares as low as $ 5 ցածր’s low daily trading volume may be prevalent among demand և demand, while key players in the market are likely to have low spreads that will not affect your trade.
    Restriction order
    A limited order is a type of stock order that tells your broker that you want to buy a stock, but only if the order can be placed at or below a certain price. For example, you can place a limit order that tells your broker that you want to buy a GME stock with a maximum price of $ 195 per share. If the GME price falls below $ 195, your broker will place the order. If the GME price rises above $ 195 per share, your broker will terminate the order until prices fall again. This gives you more control over the price you pay per share, which can help you budget.
    Market order:
    A market order is a type of stock order that tells your broker that you want to buy the next available stock of stocks you are interested in, regardless of market movement. When placing a market order, you will not be required to indicate the price at which you would like your order to be processed. Your broker will simply fill out the order as soon as possible. Market orders give you less control over the price paid per share, but they are also more likely to be met than margin orders.
    Stop-Loss Order:
    A stop-loss order is a type of sell order that tells your broker that you want to liquidate your investment if your security falls below a certain price. For example, suppose you buy 10 shares of GME shares at an average price of $ 200 per share. You can place a $ 196 stop-loss order. This means that if the GME price drops to 196 $ 196, your broker will automatically sell your stock. Stop-loss orders help prevent unnecessary losses by selling your investments when they reach a low price threshold.
    Stop-Limit Order:
    The stop-limit order combines the characteristics of both a stop-loss order and a stop-loss order. When ordering a stop limit, you are required to indicate the price of both the top and bottom stops. For example, if you buy GME, you can set a $ 205 limit և $ 195 stop.

    If the price of GME exceeds $ 195, your stop-limit order will become a limit order. From here, your broker will complete the order as long as GME shares can be purchased for $ 205 per share or less. If the price rises above $ 205, your broker will stop filling out the order. As an investor, this gives you more control over the price of your order.

  4. Do your shopping!

    You can relax after filling out the order form and submitting it to the broker. Your broker will execute the order following your instructions. It will take time to complete your order depending on current market conditions, average GME prices, and type of your order. Many brokers will inform you by email. By mail or order when your order is completed. Depending on your broker, you may or may not need to order again tomorrow if your broker is unable to complete it according to your specifications.

GME stock history

Headquartered in Texas, GameStop is a retailer of video games, consoles, and game products. The company has expanded to the United States, reaching Canada, Australia, Europe and New Zealand. GameStop currently operates more than 5,000 physical stores alongside online retail.

The most financially successful years of GameStop were from 2004 to 2016. After acquiring EB Games, a retailer of competitive domestic video games, for $ 1.44 billion, GameStop will continue to gain competitors in Europe, allowing the company to expand. This growth slowed until near the end of 2016, when the GameStop began to compete with online gaming retailers like Steam.

GME price from YTD Benzing Pro on June 7, 2021

Advantages of buying GME shares

As the continuing effects of the COVID-19 epidemic are felt across the country, video game retailers are giving investors opportunities. Despite the decline in public interest in physical video games, video game sales remain stable. GameStop’s 2019 change in management և new marketing to feedback game և competitive games. While the recent GameStop volatility may not be sustainable, GME may be a sustainable long-term investment for those seeking to enter the ever-expanding video game market.

Against buying GME stock

If you are planning to invest in a GME, be aware that you may be taking a risk on stocks that show inflated growth. The current rise in the value of GMEs has attracted the attention of media outlets thanks to the concerted efforts of many social media and chat rooms to make mass purchases and make money from short sellers. GameStop shares doubled after receiving the reports, despite the fact that the company missed revenue estimates. Some analysts have even called the phenomenon a “meme stock bubble.” It is possible that the GME may depreciate rapidly ավարտ without warning after the initial whisper is over.

Invest in the future

Whether you are investing in GME, truncating or looking for up to $ 10 worth of stock to add to your long-term portfolio, you may need to make the proper effort before investing. Whether you risk investing more in GMEs than investing in diversified assets, any type of investment can be devalued at any time. Never invest more money in your portfolio than you can lose. Եւ Diversify your assets to limit losses in the event of a market reversal.


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