ATLANTA & NEW OR YORK- (BE IN NES LYR) -Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE), the world’s leading provider of data, technology և market infrastructure և risQ, a Boston-based startup focused on geospatial, economic and demographic data, today announced a new data service designed to help users understand and evaluate potential social investments. effect:

With the broader adoption of the ECG, with more companies and investors making sustainable investments, more market participants are trying to understand the potential social impact of their investments. This is especially true in the city bond market, where the proceeds are used for public works, parks, schools, libraries and other infrastructure. Considering how these funds can affect the population at the community level when evaluating similar bonds issued by various local governments can help investors and other market participants make more informed decisions about where to place their capital.

“These new social impact assessments provide a deeper level of socio-economic and demographic data on the bond market, improving investor decision-making as they implement their sustainable, socially conscious investment strategies,” said Lynn Martin, Chairman of Fixed Income : և Data services at ICE. “Based on the experience of risQ ​​related to the country’s spatial climate and social data, we can provide market participants with the transparency needed to quantify, compare, and equate social investment opportunities in different communities.”

Social Impact assesses dozens of variables from a variety of public data sources, statistically evaluated methods to help measure the extent to which socio-economic vulnerability is needed. These ratings are intended to signal the potential social benefits of investing in a particular area, and higher ratings indicate that financial investment in a particular community is expected to have a greater potential social impact than the investment of a lower rated community. Once calculated, ratings are mapped to US ICE City Bond Guide data to provide customers with an additional benchmark for investing or portfolio valuation.

The data include wealth, poverty, education, employment, housing costs, racial diversity, and health challenges. Consolidating these data points քարտեզ mapping them to individual bonds can make it easier to compare groups հնարավոր the potential social impact of an investment opportunity.

“Investors, market participants want to measure resources, understand the potential impact of their investments, and this new service we have created through ICE is helping,” said Evan Kodra, RISQ CEO. “Whether investors align their investment program with their values ​​or mission, or whether they seek to better measure and understand the social impact of potential investment opportunities, those resources give a clearer picture of those goals.”

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