Dear Dave, A friend recently mentioned something to me called Impact Making. What exactly is this? How do they affect investment funds? Եւ How do you feel about them? – Carson

Dear Carson, Influential investments generally aim to benefit the public while at the same time making a profit for the investor by investing in companies, foundations, and organizations that align with the cause, values, or objectives. Think of it as a middle ground between traditional investments and charitable donations, where you can tailor your investments to your own beliefs. It really is not so much different from investing in traditional mutual funds, except for the purpose of the funds.

Since its inception, influential investments have had average returns of just under 6%. This is lower than the average yield of the S&P 500. Impressive investments can do some good, but the truth is that it is difficult to measure exactly how well they are doing. If you are going to invest in influential investment funds, you need to make sure that you clearly understand how your money will help the companies you invest in if they actually do what they say և do they really change? do not do for the better.

As with all investments, it’s worth doing a lot of research գտնել finding a mentor to your liking. And never invest in anything if you do not fully understand how it works. Remember, your money is mixed up. Do not feel strange if you are the only one who does not join the investment mania in which your friends are immersed.

Personally, I recommend investing in good, growing mutual funds և real estate that is paid in cash. And yes, if you want to make a difference in the world, while still investing in the old horse, make room in your budget for charitable donations or savings to donate to organizations for reasons that interest you. – Dave

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