As the stock market plummeted on Thursday, investors watched nervously at the Federal Reserve Symposium at Federal Exxon Hall to get guidance on what the central bank will do with the next interest rate-bond-buying program. Ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 epidemic also seem to be affecting markets. The: Dow Jones Industrial Average (NEWS: I DJI), S&P 500: (SNPINDEX: ^ GSPC), և: Nasdaq Composite: (NASDAQINDEX: ^ IXIC) all recently made some of their latest achievements.


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It was a busy week, with some high-end companies taking some significant steps in the hours trade. Peloton interactive (NASDAQ: PTON) gave some grounds after the financial report, but Work day (NASDAQ: WDAY) moved higher. Below, we will provide you with the details.

Peloton falls from behind

Shares of Peloton Interactive added to their losses earlier in the session. The 2% drop in regular trading was preceded by a 6% drop in Peloton after the call.

Peloton continued to record significant growth in some key indicators. Revenue rose 54% to $ 937 million, connected fitness subscriptions rose 114% to $ 2.33 million and paid digital subscriptions reached 874,000, up 176% year-on-year.

Image source: Peloton Interactive.

However, investors were not happy with some of the negative signs. Churn rose sharply to 0.73% from 0.31% three months ago. Although the total volume of trainings increased by 75% to 134.3 million, the average number of trainings per subscriber decreased from 24.7 a year earlier to 19.9 in the last quarter. Worst of all, Peloton’s net loss of $ 1.05 per share was much higher than many expected.

Even worse, Peloton reduced the price of its flagship Peloton Bike by $ 400 to $ 1,495. The company warned that the cuts, coupled with higher costs, could hurt profitability in the coming quarters. The move was largely unexpected, especially given that, at least until recently, Peloton had a lot of trouble filling orders, even at a higher price.

Investors are further adjusting their expectations, but Peloton is clearly focusing on long-term prospects, trying to attract customers at all costs. It may pay off, but a fitness professional needs to show that these clients will be loyal to the latest controversy. “

The working day works

Shares of Workday rose more than 5% during Thursday trading hours. Favorable earnings results gave investors more confidence in stocks, bringing the fast-growing cloud HR software provider closer to a new record high.

The results of the second quarter of the working day maintained the positive momentum of the company. Revenues increased by 19% year-on-year due to a almost 20% increase in subscription revenues. Adjusted earnings of $ 1.23 per share increased by 46% compared to the previous year.

Workday cited a number of factors that help produce what its co-founder called one of the most powerful in its history. Large enterprise clients are increasingly using the Workday platform as part of their digital conversion efforts. Improving economic conditions also helped push the work day forward.

Accordingly, Workday promoted its guidelines for the rest of the year. The company expects sales to grow 19% year-over-year, and third-quarter subscription revenue is likely to grow 20%.

It is easy to see why investors are happy with this result. If conditions continue to improve, the Working Day may see much greater winds to help propel it further.

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