The Philadelphia gun violence, which is setting a record for homicides this year, is a complex and deadly problem. Recent research, however, suggests a solution that could save lives while making housing more equitable in the city.

The city’s Basic Systems Renovation Program, funded by a combination of Tax Dollars և Housing Funds, which also receives payments from developers, has helped residents provide roofing, plumbing, and electrical repairs to their homes for more than 40 years. A recent study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that the benefits of this program extend beyond individual neighborhood renovation work. The reason is that the historically isolated blocks, which were analyzed from the Repair of Basic Systems, recorded a decrease in violence of 21.9%. The more interventions they saw in the bloc, the more violence there was.

As the city plans to spend tens of millions of dollars on anti-missile violence initiatives that have previously received են millions of dollars out of control և accountability, it is worth investing more և in studying the structural և environmental causes of violence. a successful event shown so far.

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Dirty streets, barren green areas and alienated neighborhoods are alienating և can make residents feel worthless. In some parts of the city, young men do not even bother to go out on the street or make friends, for fear of encountering street violence and being trapped in the criminal justice system.

The experience of these mostly black Latino men shows how Philadelphia operated as two different cities. One Philadelphia for sale to tourists and entrepreneurs is a dynamic city full of beautiful parks, great restaurants, and legions of college-educated young people. The other is fighting violence, disaster and broken schools. Private investment flooded the first Philadelphia, and the second saw the continuation of the dismantling-abandonment that separated the city from the medieval redness of the Rizzo era.

For the residents of the second city, the appearance of the first can cause confusion and anxiety. Confusion because in Philadelphia, where they live, a record number of homicides, mostly concentrated in the neighborhoods of North, South and Southwest Philadelphia, is cut off from the brilliant Philadelphia added to the Condé Nast Gold list for 2021 tourism. Concern over the fear that if their district manages to get more resources, they will not be able to stand side by side for stronger schools and safer streets. Such fears are contrasted with new development այլ other improvements in quality of life, assuming that it will be followed by gentrification և displacement.

But the Basic Systems renovation program shows how to tackle both at the same time, making these neighborhoods safer and more affordable for current residents. Additional research by Eugenia South, one of the study’s authors, suggests that clean streets ելի pleasant community areas also help reduce violence, especially stress.

For some, these changes may respond to broken police theories about Windows, but this is not about controlling anyone’s behavior. It is about investing in the districts, communities, people, raising them.

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This major overhaul project threatened to cut back on the city last year, but eventually retained funding. As Phil continues to invest more in evidence-based programs, this program deserves increased funding and ongoing evaluation.

Extending these efforts will be of greater benefit by showing that quality of life initiatives are not necessarily accompanied by gentrification. Directing these investments through targeted changes, such as home improvement, and financing through initiatives, such as the developer housing fund, promotes low-income neighborhoods such as Fishtown and Graduate Hospital, but also the communities that need it. It can help make neighborhoods more resilient, protect homes from inconvenience, and enable homeowners to stay. As the South told WHYY. It’s a huge investment to fill decades of misinformation. “

Research shows that this investment can also save lives. The city council should continue to support the Housing Fund with total fund dollars, while looking for more opportunities to encourage developers to pay for the fund. This amount, combined with ongoing evaluations of our non-commercial non-violence programs, can help ensure that Philadelphia’s “second city” receives the funds it has long deserved.