If there is one lesson that the stock market is always ready to teach, it is patience that pays off. Despite going through the 1987 accident on Monday, the balloon, the Great Depression, the coronavirus crash, the benchmark S&P 500: has provided an average annual total income of more than 11% since the beginning of 1980.

Patience can also be rewarded for you if you put your money on game-changing businesses and allow your investment thesis to run out over time. As we move into the second half of 2021, the trio with major stocks can make you a lot richer.

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If growth reserves entangle your luxury, one of the best investments you can make right now in the second half of 2021 is մատակարար moreover, it is the provider of customer relationship management (CRM) cloud software. salesforce.com: (NYSE: CRM).

CRM software is used by businesses facing consumers to optimize interactions and sales. It helps with real-time information recording, service և product վերահսկ monitoring, online marketing campaign management և can offer predictive analytics of what customers might buy a new product or service. It is an opportunity for sustainable double-digit growth, a useless tool used by service-based industries, but more widely used by healthcare, financial and industrial companies.

Salesforce is the king of the mountain when it comes to cloud-based CRM. According to IDC estimates, sales force almost controlled 20% of CRM global revenue in the first half of 2020. It almost quadruples its next closest competitor, և that is: more than four closest competitors combined.

In addition to organic business growth, sales force has a rich history of smart shopping. Its most successful are the acquisition of Tableau Software in 2019, and MuleSoft in 2018. The latter is responsible for empowering Salesforce Integration Cloud, while the former is a data treasure trove that helps businesses better understand their customers.

The latest deal, worth $ 27.7 billion, is designed for the cloud-based enterprise platform Slack Technologies. This deal will allow the company to cross-sell the CRM support package for Slack’s small to medium-sized businesses.

This combination of market share dominance, organic growth և gains sales power increases by 20% or more per year. According to CEO Mark Benioff, sales reach a target of $ 50 billion in annual sales for fiscal year 2026 (up from $ 21.3 billion for fiscal year 2021). This is a growth և a priority that investors can trust.

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SSR Mining:

Do not worry, evaluate investors, I have not forgotten about you. The second most valuable resource that can make you much richer in the last half of 2021 (և not only) is the precious metals miner. SSR Mining: (NASDAQ: SSRM).

About 10 years ago, gold and silver were on the rise, and precious metal miners were free to spend on new projects, mine expansion, and acquisitions. After the peak of the price of gold, many were left with a non-stellar balance. This was not the case with SSR Mining.

Last year, the SSR completed its merger with Turkey’s Alacer Gold. This effectively combined the activities of Pune, the silver producer of Marigold և Sibi gold և in the USSR հետ, with the Alaseri Kopler gold mine in Argentina. In total, these four generating assets should generate, if not more, 700,000 ounces of gold equivalent (GEO) և 800,000 GEO per year over the next five years. Prior to the transaction, SSR produced less than 400,000 GEOs per year north.

Here is what happens. Although the majority of gold shares have been repaid to pay off the debt, the SSR as of the end of March 2021 is on a net cash balance of about $ 400 million. The company expects about $ 450 million in free annual cash withdrawals. The flow allowed him to start paying a $ 0.05 quarterly dividend, as well as create a $ 150 million share repurchase program.

In addition to product improvement, dividend ծրագրի share repurchase plans, SSR Mining should benefit from higher prices for the precious metal. The Federal Reserve continues to curb historically low interest rates on loans, while the prospect of long-term inflation is rising. Both scenarios suggest that investors continue to flock to gold as a potential value resource.

How Cheap is SSR Mining? Shares can currently be acquired 9 times less than the projected revenue on Wall Street. Even more telling, the SSR is estimated at 5 times the estimated cash flow this year, which is a significant discount for a fair valuation that I would like to estimate as about 10 times closer to cash flow.

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Trulieve Cannabis:

The third company that can make investors richer in the second half of 2021 is marijuana stocks Trulieve Cannabis: (OTC: TCNNF).

There is no question that cannabis is an opportunity for sustainable double-digit growth. But given the regulatory issues և awful balances that accompany Canadian boiler stocks, the US is a smart way to play the cannabis craze. By mid-decade, the United States could sell more than $ 41 billion worth of weeds a year, according to New Frontier Data.

Versatile Operator (MSO) Trulieve makes it so unique how the company decided to expand. Many large BSOs have opened retail, processing and recycling facilities in as many legalized states as is reasonable. As for Trulieve, it has 91 operating retailers in the United States, 85 of which are in medical marijuana, Florida. Right is right. Opened 85 dispensaries in one state.

How did it turn out? Covering Blan Sunshine State, Trulieve Cannabis was able to swallow 53% of Florida’s dried cannabis market share 49 49% of the larger cannabinoid oil margin. In other words, the company has effectively built its brand ներին loyal customers without breaking the bank with a marketing budget. As a result, it recently announced its 13th consecutive profitable quarter.

In May, we learned that the next chapter of Trulieve is about to take its project to new markets. On May 10, he announced a $ 2.1 billion deal to acquire MSO Crop health և rest (OTC: HRVSF). Harvest Health focuses on five states, one of which includes Florida. So Trulieve will soon have an even bigger presence in Sunshine State. But the main driver of this deal is Harvest’s 15 operating dispensaries in Arizona, which legalized adult cannabis in November and went on sale in January. Nothing will stop Trulieve from becoming a dominant force in Arizona’s potentially billion-dollar weed market.

With a rich history of shocking profitability and growth potential, Trulieve Cannabis checks all the right boxes for investors to cash in on.

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