Stock market analysis can be a very complex, multidimensional task, but in the case of artificial intelligence և machine learning it can be less intimidating. Artificial intelligence և machine learning can help gather unbiased information, data compression, data classification, stock analysis, pattern recognition.

We’ve put together a list of the top eight AI tools that can help make trading stocks easier.

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Kavout is a data-driven investment program that offers equity factors, signals that are cost-effective over time. The main feature of the Main program is the equity rating, called the K-rating, which ranges from 0 to 9. A higher K-score means a greater chance of stock excellence. The program uses AI-based pattern recognition technology to offer daily quotes. The product uses deep thinking, in-depth data և deep detection technologies to detect anomalies կանխ predict a trend.


Auquan is a data science platform for asset managers և hedge funds. AI-based software looks for obscure connections, news, bias և any other online data that may influence investment decisions և prevent catastrophic losses. Machine learning technology reveals opportunities ahead of the market և saves time.


EquBot platform uses machine learning algorithms, knowledge graphs և IBM Watson natural language processor. In particular, EquBot’s AI platform, integrated with IBM Watson, helps global investment professionals achieve better results through portfolios as a service (PaaS).

EquBot features make data crunching easier and faster. It provides artificial intelligence portfolios, indexes, on-demand signals, millions of news feeds, social media posts, and financial statements every day to make accurate predictions.

Shopping ideas

The Trade Ideas platform can perform tasks such as stock trading, opportunity discovery, and testing. Its algorithms form strategies in a short period of time to help users discover potentially profitable trades. Their AI scans each stock և ETF to discover real-time opportunities. Continuous data analysis և testing helps to accurately configure trading algorithms.

Blackbox Shares:

‘The Box’ AI-based system identifies and warns traders about real-time opportunities. In addition to deep market scanning, the algorithm also scans for deep pool activity. With the program, the user also gets access to a private chat group, where alerts and comments are posted. The trading system comes with a pre-market scanner that scans the market for the most active stocks and shows the volatility of each stock.

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Trend Spider:

This is a unique set of integrated tools that help with technical analysis of markets and reduce the vulgar work of traders. Artificial intelligence software creates “smart charts” that contain forecasts of profitable business opportunities. The trader can retest his trading opportunities for 27 years. It helps to find և plan trades more efficiently.

Commercial technologies

Trading technologies offer all styles of trading tools, such as click-through trading, algo trading, options trading, and fast trading. His program is related to global markets, even private liquidity markets. The AI ​​tool analyzes historical և real-time data, along with current risk control. The program also conducts a pre-trade audit and portfolio analysis to trade effectively for the benefit of the user. The risk management feature of the project is one of its key points.


The program uses artificial intelligence to identify patterns between securities և capital market expectations:. It also uses machine learning to automate the securities trading process. The company offers artificial intelligence և robotic process automation services from the beginning of its development to a complete product. Technology helps with investment analysis to make decisions.

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