T:This is followed by today’s updates to Validea’s Value Investor, based on a strategy published by Benjamin Graham. This deep value methodology checks stocks with low P / B և P / E ratios as well as low debt և stable long-term earnings growth.

ENOVA INTERNATIONAL INC (ENVA) is a small equity shareholder in Consumer Financial Services. The rating of our Benjamin Graham-based strategy has changed from 71% to% 86% based on the company հիմ հիմ հիմ հիմ հիմ հիմ. A score of 80% or higher usually indicates that the strategy has some interest in the stock, and a score above 90% usually indicates a strong interest.

Company description: Enova International, Inc. is a technology and analytics company focused on providing online financial services. The company offers or arranges loans or credit lines to consumers in approximately 39 states in the United States and Brazil. It also offers financing to small businesses in approximately 50 states, including Washington, DC. The company’s online financial services include credit loans, line of credit accounts, accounts receivable purchase agreements, income share agreements, CSO programs և banking programs. Credit loans include longer-term loans that require repayment of the principal amount in several installments և shorter one-time loans. It directly offers or buys through its banking programs a new line of consumer credit accounts in approximately 31 US states; a business line of credit accounts in approximately 47 states; in Washington, DC, USA.

The following table summarizes whether stocks fit each test of this strategy. Not all of the criteria in the table below are given equal weight or are independent, but the table provides a brief overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy in the context of the criteria of the strategy.

P / E ratio. TRANSITION:

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